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Terra Pulse (Biovin Granulate) – 5 kg

Koop Terra Pulse (Biovin Granulate) - 5 kg
Koop Terra Pulse (Biovin Granulate) - 5 kg


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For strengthening soil structure and soil biology.

The organic base of Biovin consists of the residues that remain after pressing grapes (must). Humication of these grape residues creates a bacterial product with highly effective growth hormones, organic plant nutrients and billions of active microorganisms. These include the important nitrogen-binding bacteria and Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) microbes. These provide resistance to plant-threatening conditions.

The addition of fulvene, humin, and minerals makes Terra Pulse a unique soil enhancer. The fungi and bacteria ensure the capture of CO2 in the soil, the restoration of soil biodiversity, increasing soil vitality. This makes the soil better able to buffer abundance and shortage of water. Biovin plays a strong role in the development of Mycorrhizae.


• Of natural origin
• Certified organic
• Applicable to any soil and cultivation
• is guaranteed to be free of weeds


• Provides CO2 – bonding in the ground
• Prevents high nitrate levels in plants and soil
• Restoration of soil vitality
• Easy application


• timulates plant health and growth
• Provides build-up of organic matter content
• Develops a climate-resistant soil
• Strengthens the action and growth of essential soil bacteria

  • 100 gr per m2

Technische specificaties

Type of nutrition Fertiliser, Soil improver
Suitable for Fruit trees, Garden
Application Better growth
Fertilisation suitable for Borders, Fruit trees, Grass / Lawn
Contents 5 kg (11 lbs)
Yield (per pack) 50 m²
Shape Granulat
Period During autumn, During spring
Ready to use Yes
Resealable packaging Yes
Shelf life 1 year shelf life
Artikelnummer TERRA-5